[FINAL PROJECT] User Testing Feedback & Final Presentation

I spent the last week user testing my Sunrise app and device, which was an interesting experience. I initially thought that user testing with just 5 people was not going to be enough, but 5 does indeed seem to be the magic number. Within the first 2-3 users, I had a good idea of the major issues that needed to be addressed, and by 5 I was consistently getting the same feedback.

Image result for ux test magic number

Initially, users were confused about whether the device itself was a clock or not. I had originally envisioned it being more of an art piece of wood and light that evoked the sun. However, my test users wanted for it to have the capability to behave like a more straightforward clock during the day.

Additionally, users wanted clarifications made to the various settings available to them. They felt that some of the interfaces did not provide enough feedback.

A full write up of the process, UI changes made, and next steps can be found in the slides for my final presentation.

March 7, 2018

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