[SKILL BUILDER] #6 — 4-axis Mill

For my 4-axis skill builder I did a prototype version of my final project.



I started with a foam yoga block from REI, but managed to destroy it VERY quickly. Unfortunately, I zeroed the Z axis out incorrectly–I tried to manually make it touch the grounding pole because I was clicking the wrong button in Roland’s software.

I went into panic mode after I buried the bit an inch into the material and ripped a huge chunk out of it, and completely forgot to take photos of it. Fortunately, I managed to not break a bit (soft material + sharp bit = still alive) or damage the machine.

I went back the following week with a cork yoga block and was able to run the job correctly.

The majority was cut with a 1/4″ upcut bit, the small holes were done with a 1/16″ bit.

Compared to my wood cut done for my final project:

April 21, 2018

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